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Halskette mit Modelliermasse CERNIT Scheiben und Tagua Saatperle

Herstellungsdauer : 5 Stunden

Schwierigkeit : einfach

Halskette mit Modelliermasse CERNIT Scheiben und Tagua Saatperle

Verarbeitung :

An ethnic necklace created with Tagua seeds and Polymer clay ?
The Tagua vegetable ivory is from a palm seed. The seeds are cut into pieces and colored in the mass, which provides a multitude of beads in bright colors and tangy.
This tutorial is simple but it will ask you time to realize it  . We use CERNIT.
Step 1 :
Take ¾ of a brown clay and  caramel clay. Shape two cylinders  and twist them. 

Step 2 :
Assembly and make a rectangle .

Step 3 :
Cut slices ind the depth and put them in the pasta machine  to N°4.


Step  4 :
Form round pieces with cutter beginn with the bigger one. Place your round on tiles or glass, flatten with your index finger all the pellets to expand and refine them.


Step 5 :
- With cutter 19mm, make 40 brown slices and 12 cream slices (for this use only l/3 of the polymer clay flatten with the pasta machin).
With cutter 15mm make 40 brown slices and 12 cream slices.
With cutter 13mm, make 40 brown slices.
With cutter 11mm,  make 20 brown slices.
With cutter 9mm, make 20 brown slices and 20 cream slices
Make them cook without removing the media on which you have flatten them at 110 degrees for 30 minutes.


Step 6 :
Take 60 cm of cable wire , slip your tagua seed and 10 brown slices 19mm on each sides then the 6 cream and the 10 brown


Step 7 :
Slip now 10 brown slices 15mm then the cream ones and 10 brown.

Step 8 :
Put 20 strips 15mm brown on each side and 10 brown 11mm, finish with 10 slats creams and the latest brown.

Etape 9 :
Put on each side of the cable wire 2 crimp beads and a jumpring, the crimp the bead put some glue on the thread and slip it back in the slices  


Step 10 :
Take 2 pieces of 40 cm  suede band, Make it double to have 2 length in10 cm that you slip in the ring.
Slip the big hole bead too . Put terminators at the end of the bands + a double ring and at the end the clasp.

You can try with other colours if you want....
NB: Achtung, die Liste der Produkte stimmt nicht vollständig mit dem Bild der Präsentation überein. Aus Lagergründen wurden einige Produkte in diesem Tutorial durch Äquivalente ersetzt.

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