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Zerknittener Brief Fleur Hana mit Art Clay Silber

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Zerknittener Brief Fleur Hana mit Art Clay Silber

Verarbeitung :

Roll out your ACS paste without using any sheets of paper to get an irregular thin surface.

Lay the clay on the texture and roll it up carefully.

Now place the piece of rolled clay on the top of your fingers, very very carefully, to get the crumbled effect.

Shape the pendant, cut off some pieces if necessary, but always try to keep a general 'raw' aspect.
You can add some water to avoid the clay from cracking. When you get your desired shape, let it dry (the drying time will be quick).

Now the dried pendant is very thin and fragile.
Smooth out edges and irregularities gently with a very fine abrasive sponge.
Insist on the back side of the pendant.
Firing of the piece: 30 minutes in oven at 800°C or 3-4 minutes with blowtorch.

Clean with a long brush if possible to reach all the angles of the pendant. The pendant remains fragile, so be very careful.

Pierce a hole.

Get two recipients: one with hot water, one with cold water.
Pour a drop of oxidizing solution in the hot water.

Put the pendant into the oxidizing solution and move it with tweezers.

Put it then in the cold water to stop oxidization.

Dry the pendant with a towel and pulish paste to get off the oxidation where you want to.

You can mount the pendant onto a Serpentine chain,

Or onto a more simple chain,

and decorate it with some beads (here below with Strawberry Quartz and Garnet chips).

Copyright Fleur Hana für Perles & Co - May 2010 Mehr Info auf Fleur Hana Webseite:

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